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Welcome to PLS

Peter's Lawn Service (PLS) is a full-service ground maintenance and landscaping company that has operated in London, Ontario for the past twelve years. Known for our reliability and professionalism, PLS promises to provide superior service at a competitive price. PLS has a strong focus in customer satisfaction, timely service and friendly staff. Residential and commercial clients in London and surrounding area look to us to provide them with all their groundskeeping needs year after year.

What truly sets us apart as a ground maintenance and landscaping company is how we view our relationships with our customers and the community. As a business of young professionals, PLS understands the importance of supporting young people and fostering a hard-working environment. This is why PLS makes an effort to hire students as a part of our team every year.

In recognition of the importance of safety and for the protection of our customers, PLS maintains comprehensive liability insurance and WSIB coverage for all employees.

We want your business. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to set up a meeting.

Pete Lovell